Depression can be a lifelong battle – a fight to feel happy. It is paralyzing at times. We linger with feelings of not good enough, undeserving, we will never get life right, unappreciated, grieving for a loved one, grieving for ourselves.  We experience a hate for self so strong that the worst outcome crosses our minds – the devastating thought that the world might be a better place without us.

Been there, done all of the above.  I am a fighter, a survivor and a Warrior Against my own Depression, my own darkness. I wish to share with you how I do it and teach you to become a Warrior for yourself.  Fight your demons–and win the day-to-day battles of darkness.  Together we can move the episodes of our own darkness and our loved ones, from day-to-day, to week-to-week, to month-to-month, to year-to-year, etc.  Though we can never fully get rid of it, there is hope for longer periods of love and acceptance.

Please join us at Camp Courage Warrior Training, a FREE Training.  (Next training:  Wednesday, August 4th @ 6:30 pm at the Springs Apartments)

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