Warriors Against Depression

Our resource tab has the warriors you are seeking.  Most people think we are talking about ancient battles when they see the word warrior.  We are supporting a different kind of warrior, the warriors behind the scenes on the Suicide Hotline, the foundations that bring awareness to suicide, minimize the stigma, volunteer to take phone calls and/or be at events to help others.

And the warriors that, every day, choose to live.

There are 1000’s of suicide awareness warriors in every state of the United States and more across the globe.

It takes many people on the front lines serving the masses who are depressed, suffer from anxiety, frustration, grief, and/or thoughts/actions towards suicide.

Since the pandemic, suicide has increased over 600%.  Because of this, non-profit organizations are popping up all over to provide support and help to those who feel today may be their last day here.

SunTribe Resources has come to life to serve those who are serving you, together, on one website.  We, as a tribe, believe that being Together Repairing Individuals Broken Emotions, is possible.

Each week we honor and support a resource on our site, by interviewing their team and posting the interview on this site to be seen the following week.  During the week we teach from their materials on our YouTube Channel and Instagram.

All organizations have an assortment of material, classes, pamphlets, professionals available to help with mental health, etc.  Click on the RESOURCE tab and check out the warriors. And if you know of a warrior – person or organization – that belongs on this list, please reach out and let us know.

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