Hello, my name is Kimmie Kay, and I am a Metaphysical Therapist


When I coach a client one-on-one, I have come to the understanding that there is something magical about giving a person’s Higher Self a voice, allow me to explain:

Q.  Have you ever had a dream with a message, so vivid, you woke up in bewilderment wondering if it was real or not?

If you answered, yes, then you have a glimpse of what it is like to get a message from your Higher Self.  Dreams are communication between your conscience and subconscious (Higher Self).

Now, imagine giving your Higher Self a voice to talk with you on a conscience level, like an awake dream.

Let me explain, most of us go through life trying to figure out our purpose and why we are here.  We live believing what we have seen, touched, smelled and experienced.  Better known as the past.  When we carry the past with us and we re-live it over and over,  the thoughts most likely are accompanied with thoughts of, ‘shoulda’, ‘coulda’, ‘woulda’, but…  This leads to suffering.  Suffering leads to darkness and depression.

Having a session with me, peels back the layers of your past so you don’t keep living with the questions that keep playing over and over, time and time again, so you may move forward.  Your Higher Self tells you how.  Everyone is different and every message is unique.

My background is simple:

  • Human Behavioral Science Practitioner, 25 years
  • Personality Assessment Coach for youth, teens and families, 10 years
  • Bachelor degree, Metaphysical Science, Metaphysical Therapist, 2 years
  • Gifted with a unique ability to channel since I was a child
  • Certified in Reiki, Tarot and Oracle
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