Hello, meet Kimmie Kay, she is the Founder of Sun Tribe Resources

She has a passion to help millions of people.  Outside of Sun Tribe and Warriors Against Depression she is a metaphysical therapist, a conduit and a suicide survivor.  She has been a sufferer of mental illness most of her life.  Losing her son, Cory, to suicide is what made her a “mom on a mission” and she became an advocate for Suicide Awareness and Prevention.  She has built this website to bring as many Free Resources together in one space for others.  She also travels across the US every year in her vehicle, Alice, with the message, “Suicide is NOT the Answer” tattoo’d in three places on Alice.  On the back window is Cory’s message. Communicate Openly Relieve Yourself, because I didn’t when I was alive, and I wish I would have.  (Cory brought this message to her in spirit only a few days after he made his decision to end his life.)  Her son, Brett, and daughter, Karissa, are also a part of Sun Tribe Resources and Warriors Against Depression.

Kimmie has helped 100’s of clients to relieve grief and suffering from their lives, they have been able to move up and out of long term funks/blocks that have resulted in a better quality of life for her clients.  In several cases, lives have changed dramatically after only one session with her.

You may have questions and are welcome to send her a message today.  Click the ‘contact’ tab and send her an email.  She will get back with you within 24 hours.

Her background is simple:

  • Human Behavioral Science Practitioner, 25 years
  • Personality Assessment Coach for youth, teens and families, 10 years
  • Bachelor degree, Metaphysical Science, Metaphysical Therapist, 3 years
  • Gifted with a unique ability to be a conduit and to channel since she was a child
  • Certified in Reiki, Tarot and Oracle
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