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This is another “Ah Ha” moment from Cory.

We were getting ready for a Camp Courage event over at Club Green Meadows and Cory was helping me, he was about nine-ten years old.

We had a make-shift library on the wall of the playroom at the house, there were steps to the side leading up to a door to the outside.  The shelves were full of children’s books, educational books, and a few shelves with self-help books.  We were looking for a copy of the book we’d been reading with the “book club”.

Cory was standing on the steps scanning the shelves above and I was looking on the lower shelves.  He spoke up, “Look mom, this is just like life, you’ve got a lot of positive and then Gremlins! Then a little more positive, and it starts all over again.”

I looked up to see, one of the shelves was full of self-help books and almost to the end was the DVD “Gremlins” a movie that came out in 1984 where a cute snuggly looking creature by the name of “mogwai” turns into a monstrous terror if you expose him to bright light, water, or feed him after midnight.  Then after the DVD was a few more self-help books.  “Ah Ha”, I looked at Cory, who was still looking at the shelf analyzing his thought some more, and said, “You are so right! That is just like life.”