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Below is a Mantra I helped a good friend of mine to write to save her own heart.  (This was written three years ago.)

Thank you God, spirit, and the powers of the Universe that be–when the call came from Cedar Sinai, much love and gratitude filled their being’, when I realized I was chosen from the Cardiac transplant list, thank you.  

Thank you for the gift I have received, may the family who is going thru loss know they are blessed that the gift from their loved one lives on in me. 

To the souls of my cells, you have the power to heal and accept, I love you for that, thank you for the miracle, as always, you did a good job, Thank you. 

I am so blessed that the surgery went amazingly well, the doctors operated quickly and efficiently.  My body has accepted the gift of life with love. As I am healing quickly, I am so blessed, thank you for all you’ve given me and that I have graciously accepted. 

With gratitude and love, I begin a new life. Thank you again, God, Spirit, and the powers of the Universe that be.

Mantras work!  She is no longer on the heart transplant list, she has a clean bill of health and is required to get a checkup now every six months, she was going in monthly.

When writing your own mantra, remember to be specific, and always thank the souls of your cells.